how does contamination occur?

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    We just a place out on a river. Our well is 600'. The guys around us casually say "well, if the river floods ( a foot or so occasionally), call the well people and they'll come out and treat.

    From reading a lot, I see it's probably bleach that's used.

    What I don't understand is how/why the wells get contaminated.

    Ours is nicely sealed on top, and has plumbing that keeps water in and other things out. If we have a foot or so of water on top, how does this contaminate the well???? Does it flow down on outside of the casing?

    I know nothing about wells, and am just curious what's going on, and why.
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    Anytime there are openings for pipes or wires to go into the well casing, there is the potential for contamination. In the flood-prone areas the top of the well casing should be extended to a level higher than the likelyhood of floodwaters.

    On some low-laying properties near the river here, the tops of the well casings are 6-8 feet above grade.
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    If it's a 4" well it's vented....only 2" wells and such with packer jets are under pressure and won't be affected when they become submerged.
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