HIGH Iron in Manganese in well water! Recommendations?

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  1. Brooks Mason

    Brooks Mason New Member

    Hi there,

    I am in the process of buying some land and just saw the water test results:

    Hardness < 33 mg/L
    Iron 26 mg/L
    Manganese 0.47 mg/L
    pH 7.27
    TDD 72 mg/L
    Turbidity 200 NTU

    Are there any solutions for such high Iron and Manganese? Any idea of capital cost & maintenance costs? The water came out of the pipe cloudy and yellow and red flakes are settling at the bottom of the sample I took. It seems to be clearing up over time.

  2. Reach4

    Reach4 Active Member

    I am confident there would be a solution. Maybe $1200 or $2000 for a filter installed. I sent a message of what I would be thinking, but others may have better ideas.

    If you have flakes, that would probably be from the pipes. That could be filtered out, and/or you might need to have pipes replaced. Figure 1 or 2 Big Blue filters at roughly $100 each for flakes and sediment.

    These are my guesses. I am not a pro.
  3. valveman

    valveman Moderator Staff Member

    Lubbock, Texas
    You might check into the Sulfur Eliminator to get rid of the iron by aerating the water in the well. Then it might not take much of a filter to collect the larger stuff.
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