Hiding a dishwasher air gap?

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  1. DonL

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    Thanks Jim.

    What is the best brand ?

    Mine has a food Grinder built onto the pump. WTF it ain't a garbage disposal.

    I like to spoon with my girl, but never let the silverware spoon in the dishwasher.

    It is hard to reach every angle with the water spray, but the heat does kill the bacteria.

    I have never gotten sick from doing them by hand, I keep My sinks clean.

    They look cleaner doing them by hand, You can wash until clean.

    What is in the rinse agents that is suppose to get rid of water spots ?
  2. jadnashua

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    My DW is old, but still works fine...I'll replace it one day. Until then, I've not compared them in ages. Features I'd want in a new one are SS interior that won't warp or crack or start to discolor or smell as it gets old; dirt sensor so it can adjust the length of the wash cycle; pre-heater in case the incoming water isn't hot enough for a proper wash, and racks that are flexible to allow more choices on placement of items. Multi level sprayers are relatively common, but some have more levels than others...this helps.

    Many DW recommend JetDry...they also often have a dispenser for that in the door that is adjustable. That is the most common one available.
  3. Hackney plumbing

    Hackney plumbing Homeowner

    I have one with the "clean sensor".....awsome,it runs until the dishes are clean. Only time somthing may not come clean is if food was left to dry on the dish. Get one and you'll be happy you did.
  4. Gary Swart

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    I have a Bosch DW. They recommend Jet Dry and Finish detergent. There is a reservoir in the door for the Jet Dry. The Finish is in a cube that has an additional rinse agent capsule. This works very well, I have never used any other brand, so I can't offer a comparison. The Bosch uses high heat to dry the dishes after washing. This feature does not dry plastic or metal, but they are clean and it takes just a quick wipe to get the remaining water. Silverware do dry fine.
  5. ripkenspal

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    I understand the legal requirements around the air gap (UPC in WA state where I am), but is it possible for me to use the high loop and forgo the ir gap if I do not use my dishwasher? I have lived in my condo for 11 years and have used the dishwasher maybe two times.

    I could shut off the water to it and not use it at all if I could also not have to have an air gap in my sink.
  6. hj

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    Donl may be like one of my first boss. He wouldn't let me fix his dishwasher as long as he had kids living at home who could do the dishes. Around here women guard their garbage disposers like the NRA guards their assault rifles. You don't dare suggest removing the disposer.
  7. jadnashua

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    Etching the glass has little to do with getting them clean...some dishware will be etched by the harsh automatic dishwasher detergents. It doesn't make it less clean, just that it can turn it ugly. If you have stemware like that, hand wash them, everything else, in the dishwasher, assuming it is rated for being dishwasher safe (not everything is - mostly because of the heat, but some finishes are too delicate for the harsh environment. The better DW have optical sensors on the pump output...they look at the water and stop when it clears up meaning that all the crud has been washed off, filtered out, and it's using now clear water. By no means are all DW created equal, but most of them do a very good job these days. Some DW detergents are better at not etching glass than others.
  8. wjcandee

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    Hey, Gary, we use the same stuff! Thought it was my own little find. It's noticeably better than the best-known brand, and etches the glassware much less as well.
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