HELP - What's happened to my well

Discussion in 'Pumps and Tanks Well Forum & Blog' started by Shade Tree, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Shade Tree

    Shade Tree Manager - electric utility

    Central Alabama
    I had a new well drilled 9 days ago. The well was drilled 445 ft deep, hit rock at 50 ft and casing was installled, and an estimated flow of 7 gpm. The top of the well casing was covered with tape until I could get a pump installed. Air was blowing out around the tape and has continue to blow air for days. I was checking to see how deep the water is and I hit water at 80 ft and then mud or slug at 84 ft.

    Has the well filled up or is this an obstruction that has sealed it off? What do I do?
  2. valveman

    valveman Moderator Staff Member

    Lubbock, Texas
    Call the well driller! You paid for 445', you should have 445'.
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