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    I have a 250' well and need to replace the pump. I currently run a 1hp submersible pump. The pump that I need is not in stock so I am looking at a similar pump that only gives GPM performance up to 100' (18.4 GPM at 100'). Does this mean that it won't work at 250'??? I am looking for something that produces 7 - 10 GPM at 250'.
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    Probably. That may be the pump's cut-off point, but it is measured from the water level in the well, not the pump's depth, although I doubt that you have the pump 180' below the water level.
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    Here we size from the pump depth because otherwise heavy water use, drought etc. can cause the static water level to fall to a point where the pump can't move water. IOWs, that's a correctly sized pump.

    Yes that means that pump can't be used at say 250'.

    The pump curve chart will tell you how deep the pump can be set at. And you don't need the same pump you have, any brand that's capable of delivering the gpm from say 240' will work as a replacement. Depending on how far above sea level you are, you may need to increase the hp one step. IIRC, it's every 1000' yo go up one size.

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