Help me-i'm thirsty for well water

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    Sep 16, 2011
    Frustrated newbie. Have a 24" cased well dug in 1960s in GA. Replaced pump 2008 Flotec FP 4300 series, not used in past 2 years. Piped as a deep well circuit. Pump runs fine on 110v power supply, no water flow. Pulled foot valve, leaked. Replaced. Dropped weighted string, water at 54 feet. Bottom 6 feet of string was wet. Pipes measure 57 feet and foot valve is wet when pulled up, with no mud nor sand on it. Primed pump as per user manual: removed pressure gauge, opened control valve, filled with water, closed control valve. Startup: weak flow for 1 min then dry. Pressure zero to 15psi then slow decline to zero. Called Flotec. Was told 1 1/4" outflow pipe must have a leak. Pulled foot valve, placed in 5 gal bucket, brisk flow, sucked 5 gal in 10 sec. Looks like pump works fine. Plastered outflow elbows with shaving cream. Dropped footvalve back down well, reprimed, no "dimpling" of shaving cream. No leak found! No water flow from well. I see ripples in water at bottom of well when I shake the pipes. Why can I not pump water from this well?
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    3' of submergence is not much. I am afraid you maybe pumping off that 3' of water before you even get the pipes full. That is assuming there are two pipes going down the well, which is what you mean by "deep well circuit", which is what you must have to go that deep.
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