Handicap Ramps for Dogs

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  1. I've come to realize that I cannot be in denial, my dog is slowly becoming handicapped.

    Every morning he jumps from bed, down to run across and jump to the lazyboy which is on each side of my desk where I use the computer.

    Well, over the past couple months, his number of attempts and his number of completions is way off.

    Today, he was 1 and 4 for the bed, 1 and 3 for the chair. When he uses the run-up approach, he's fine, no problems and he gets up there like its no big deal.

    But for some stupid reason he'll sit there and just look at the climb he's about to make, like he's discouraged or something and then tries the difficult way of doing the jump.

    Hard times for Mole Man. :(

    Anyway, There are little footstools for him at both locations but they are taller in height from one spot to another of a regular step.

    I'm thinking I'm going to need another way of getting him up there as he likes both soft locations. Can't break ritual and I'm not going to lift him up every time he wants to move from one location to another.

    I'm thinking a bunch of mini steps but the distance/length of the ramp might discourage him.

    I can train him on cheese...he'll follow the chees no doubt.

    Anyone done this for your cherished pet? I was thinking about stealing some ideas from cat products...even though it seems those cats are pretty darn agile and don't go on social security, or need a craftmatic adjustable bed. :(

  2. jimbo

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    I have built pet ramps for little old ladies. The pets can negotiate a fairly steep ramp, so it does not have to be too huge.
  3. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    There are also special steps for pets to walk up onto the bed or couch. They come in various heights to match your furniture.
  4. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Your dog is not seeing correctly close-up, I have the same problem with my cat.
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  5. He partially fell down the deck steps today. Not good.

    He seems preoccupied. I'm starting to think the economy is getting to him. :p
  6. Great

    My damn dog was watching infomercials tonight after passing out from all the rich food I had today...

    He ordered a damn pride-jazzie chair that'll be here by wednesday!

    Dammit! :mad:

    Never, ever leave your credit cards in your wallet, ever!
  7. Cass

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    Rugged...your missing the boat...you need to designe a ramp fro pets and market it...I know there are some out there but so what..
  8. Cookie

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    I think doggie glasses.

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