Ground wires after installing pex

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    I am replacing my galv with pex from the point of entry in the house. The water line enters the basement and after a new shut off valve goes the pex.
    My gas line is jumpered to the old water line which connects to an old drain line and finally the panel. Service is 200 amp and has a couple groundiing electrodes outside. My questions regard replacing required grounding straps once the galvanized is gone.

    I was planning on running a ground from the gas line to the panel. The furnace is old and has old 2 wire power.

    I have 2 questions.

    There will be a couple short sections of rigid copper where the flexible water lines connect to the water heater. Each of these transitions to PEX. Do these need to be grounded?

    Should I run a ground wire between the old water pipe where it enters the building and my panel. It is a long way..

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes you still need to run a ground line from the water entrance to the panel. I do not think the water heater is a concern. The ground line at the service entrance is for safety. Also if you have a meter inside your house you need to provide a jump around it long enough to allow service. Make sure you use the right clamps for your pipe material. I ran #2 for all of my service entrance grounds. I think you are allowed much smaller tho. I sized mine with lightning in mind. The NEC required size is just to prevent shock hazards.

    Make sure that furnace is grounded via the electrical system and NOT threw the gas line. :eek:
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    The primary grounding of the panel is the rods in the earth. When plastic service lines are used the panel has to be marked, "non metallic water service" so that no one removes the ground rod connection assuming there is a seconday path to ground through the water line. So, the requirement for a ground connection to the water line is no an inviolable one.
  4. tjbaudio

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    In this case it sounds like there is metallic pipe entering the dwelling. I am not sure where along the fine line between should and must that puts the OP. It is up to the AHJ I would think. I would just ground it. But then I like redundant safeties where appropriate when working with electrical.
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