good hedge plants for eastern canada

Discussion in 'Lawn Care/Landscaping' started by markmark, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. markmark

    markmark New Member

    looking to find a fast growing hedge plant to offer some privacy. I live in Nova Scotia (eastern canada). does anyone have any suggestions on what plants would grow well and quickly?

    thanks mark
  2. big difference in climate from north to south, big difference in soil from one area to another, big difference in height you might want to have.... please say more.

  3. markmark

    markmark New Member

    soil is mostly made up of clay, well drained. height is not a big issuse, anything over 3-4 feet would be great. It would be in an area that recieves direct sun. tempreature during the summer range from 20C to 30C and freezing during the winter
  4. sounds like anything that grows well in Portland Maine will grow where you are.

    still more questions, that you'll need to tell the nursery.
    Salt spray?
    Strong winds?
    Urban? Some plants like being near buildings, hot in summer.
    Near a wall? Some hedge plants need light and air on both sides.

  5. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Although a little more slow growing than you many want, I think a Rhododenron would grown well. I think I even saw those in Nova Scotia. Plus, they get huge. I have 2 large ones and have to continually prune them every season. They give excellent privacy.
  6. David MacD

    David MacD Contractor

    Rogosa Roses, are fast growing here in Downeast Maine. If you know someone with them it is easy to take trailers from their plants and replant them. Next spring will grow like crazy.
  7. carnaval

    carnaval New Member

    Rugosa Roses will be the best
    have a lok at these pictures...i'm sure you'd like to have them in your garden.



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