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  1. asmart82

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    East Orlando FL
    I had a gentleman come out today from a local water company. I've had really bad issues with black particles in my water. Bad enough that I can not wash my clothes. He did some tests and said my iron was not an issue but mentioned installing an iron filter. I want to say he recommended the iron filter because I had a high sulfur content but I'm not positive about that. Also, he did a test of my water for hardness and it took 15 drops of water for his test liquid to go from purple to blue. He said it typically should take around 10, so I have extremely hard water.

    Below are his recommendations. Any comments would be appreciated!

    New Technology Iron Filter with Manganese Green Sand Plus with a Chlorine Regenerate - $995 installed
    - I'm not sure if New Tech is the company or if he was referring to a new type of technology used

    Reconditioned Fleck 5600 water softner - $600 installed
    - He mentioned that he refurbishes system that he replaces and resells them for a cheaper price

    He said the above should solve my problems but if not, he also has a 20"x4" post filter he can install for $200.

    Does this sound like a good deal as far as pricing?

    I'm sure there is additional information that could be provided but feel free to ask questions as well.
  2. JKERN

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    Artesia NM
    The black specs may also be manganese which could change sizing and filter run lengths depending on what he has bidded for your needs. When in doubt check it out. If this is a local dealer maybe you should get a second opinion. Reputable dealers should have no problem in giving you a free quote and if the general synopsis is the same amongst all of them as far as what you are needing then you can compare pricing after that. And you should always have a water analysis done you may contact a local university and some will do the testing for free.
  3. mialynette2003

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    Ocala, Florida
    What valve is he using for the greensand filter? I sell my greensand systems for $900.00 installed so the price sounds good. As for the used softener, I don't sell them but $600.00 is a good price. Is it a metered or timered unit? How long is the warranty? I tell my customers for another $300.00 you get a 5 year warranty. With both the iron filter and softener, you shouldn't need another filter.
  4. asmart82

    asmart82 New Member

    East Orlando FL
    These are Fleck 5600 metered valves on both. There was no mention of a warranty being offered for either the filter or the softner
  5. Akpsdvan

    Akpsdvan In the Trades

    A metered 5600 on greensand would not be my first choice, I would rather have a 2510 day on it so that it cleans every x days and one can change the times with in the cleaning cycle.
    5600 standard does not have that , it is controled by a single 1/30 timer motor..
  6. cacher_chick

    cacher_chick Test, Don't Guess!

    Land of Cheese
    Even if it sounded like a great deal, I would get a second opinion anyway.
    There are a lot of people out there interested in selling you something you might not need.
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