GeoThermal Heating system (Death)

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  1. Couple Found Dead In Clifton Home; Officers Hospitalized

    Three Officers Hospitalized After Entering Home

    POSTED: 10:49 am EDT October 3, 2007
    UPDATED: 11:39 am EDT October 3, 2007

    CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati police are investigating the deaths of a man and woman in Clifton.
    Police were sent to the Durbin Drive home when the two did not show up for work on Wednesday. Neighbors said the man is a doctor, while his wife is a nurse.

    Officers arrived and found a cat dead on the porch. When they forced their way into the home, the officers found the two dead inside, along with high levels of carbon monoxide.
    Police had to leave the home until firefighters could arrive to help get the CO levels down.
    Three officers were transported to local hospitals for treatment of CO exposure.
    Officers said two cars were in the garage, but neither was running.
    Neighbors said the couple, both in their 60s, moved into the home in December. The neighbors said that they believed the home had a geothermal heating system.
    Stay tuned to News 5 and for the latest on this story.

    I'll follow up when more information becomes available.
  2. They said when the fire department got there and ran the CO pegged off the chart as readings go.

    They've confirmed the vehicles were not running at any point.

    No chance of the furnace being on as it's too warm in the area right now.

    Newer home with a geothermal system.
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    Geothermal heating systems don't produce carbon monoxide because there is no source of carbon monoxide in such a system. They may have had some supplemental heating system, or a gas water heater.
  4. jadnashua

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    One thing, kind of obscure, is if the house was in an area with coal mine tunnels that have been abandoned. If there is an underground fire, you could get some gasses up from the ground penetration. In some areas, fires persist for years before they can be put out.
  5. That's odd

    But they removed the information on their site, can't find it other than the link above.

    They said they took a car from the scene so maybe that might be the cause now.

    Probably delete the thread if that's the case.....otherwise search engines will find this and prove not to be a true scenario.
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