gauge pressuring, but no water in tank

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    had new pump installed 200, submersible 4 inch. worked ok for a week but had too much sand. Company came back out to check and put a extra valve at outlet to let water run free for a day. Since they did this the pressure valve holds pressure, closes contacts and pumps water out of the top of the well, but not into the tank. Therefore, everytime you turn the valve off to stop water from flowing, the gauge holds the pressure and it will not turn on again. I can bleed it at the gauge and it will turn on but still will only pump directly out the line and not into the tank. appreciate help.
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    sounds like you have a bunch of sand plugging up the works. Start with the pressure switch.
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    Is this a new well or just a new pump?

    Is this a larger pump than the one you had before?
    (if its an old well)

    Did they have any trouble pulling the old pump out, or getting the new one in?
    (if its an old well)

    There should not be that much sand in the well. New or old.

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