Galvanized plug in copper pipe?

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  1. ecoops

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    I have copper pipe in my walls where I removed the bathtub and am building a Kerdi shower stall. I want to plug the spigot from the old bathtub with a plug as it will no longer be used.

    I went to my local Home Depot but they didnt have any threaded copper plugs, so I purchased a galvanized plug. I was about to install the galvanized plug but my brother in-law (who is no plumber) says that the contact between glavanized and copper will cause the pipe to corrode and fail.

    Is this true or can I just go ahead and use the plug?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. plumber1

    plumber1 Plumber

    Get a brass plug. They are not hard to find.
  3. galvanized plugs

    I beg to difer.......
    either one will work ok...

    the galvanized plug will last about 35 years

    the brass will last about 55.........

    so how long you gonna be in the house???
  4. humorazz

    humorazz New Member


    Anyways doesnt matter if u are isolating that line, cut the half inch pipe ,that is copper u have explained and sweat a half inch cap on it, problem solved.
  5. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    Put the galvanized plug in the opening, and then in a few years, after the galvanizing deteriorates and the steel is exposed to the water, write back here and ask why you get red or brown water as soon as you turn on the shower.
  6. shacko

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    Rosedale, Md
    Brass plug

    Go with the brass, it won't cost that much more and it will save you mental anguish. Lots of luck.

    "If all else fails, read the directions"
  7. mental anguish???

    when a decision llike this gives you mental anguish......

    maybe you better get yourself on some Prozac.........

    I see both brass and galvanized used all the time, with no big issues

    Now Occasionally I run into

    something that LOWES has installed I even see

    BLACK iron pipe fittings used on the inlets of the water heater

    thats where I draw the line
  8. plumber1

    plumber1 Plumber

    I've seen galvanized plugs deteriorate to the point of leaking.
    A brass plug will never rot out.
  9. kordts

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    ? for Master Plumber Mark

    If you know that the galvanised plug would rot out in 35 years, why would you even recomend it? Brass will last for the life of the valve. Steel pipe should never be mixed with brass valves. My favorite example is the clod who installed back to back fiberglass tub/showers using a copper drop into a st.90 with a female adapter. Then a galvanised nipple for the tub spout. It's running rusty now, when I tried to back the nipple out, I could feel the drop start to give. I told them to fix it I would have to pull one of the showers and then they would have to go with a tub and surround or tile. They wouldn't bite, I said, "call me when it finally rusts through and you notice the water damage."
  10. we are splitting hairs here....

    Yes , it will
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  11. We are really splitting hairs here

    Yes, ULTIMATELY the brass plug would be the better
    plug to use . If I have one with me.

    Its simply a matter of economics here..... if you want to drive
    20 miles to the nearest hardware store burning gas and time
    its your decision

    I KNOW that a galvanized plug will last at least 35+ years
    and I personally simply will not piss away my whole work day

    nit picking and fretting over something as petty
    and insignificant and to wether to
    make a fools errand to the nearest hardware store or supply
    house over something like this......

    35 + years is a very long, long time, and I dont think my customers
    are going to be dis-satisfied with my job in 35 years, ,,,
    if they are still alive.........LOL......

    now if I charge them $$ for that fools trip to the store
    and give them a lame excuse like this for my time,
    they might whine and cry...about that brass plug....

    and they probably will "bad mouth my name" till the day they die....

    so in my opinion .....either path you take will work fine......

    now I am going to pour myself a JACK DANIELS and COKE

    I suggest everyone else do the same too or
    try some that prozac
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  12. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    IF you have a half way decent stock on the truck, you may not have a brass plug, but you should have a 1/2" male adapter that you can connect to a solder cap and screw that in.
  13. out of jack daniels

    Dam ....out of jack, had to switch to Segrams.7

    I have a great supply of junk in my truck....thank you.....

    but of course when you need that special fitting you never can find it.....

    and their are many creative ways to plug that hole up.........

    why not increase it to 3/4 then put a female adapter on the end then
    put in that brass plug....????? or a 3/4 sweat cap???

    their are so many ways to skin a cat,

    you skin yours , I will skin mine.....
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