Frameless shower door and Glass Block install

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    I'm starting a shower remodel project and I'm trying to sort things out before I start.

    The right-hand wall of the shower stall will be tiled, the left-hand wall be tiled from floor to about 4' and then will be glass block from 4' to ceiling.

    I want a frameless glass shower door to fit in the 47" space; door width about 34" hinged off the tile side, and then a fixed panel on the glass block side.

    What is the best way to attach the fixed panel to the glass block? I've seen both u-channels and clamps for this type of install.

    Any thoughts on which is the best way to go? I'd like to avoid drilling into the grout lines on the glass block, so I'm wondering if a u-channel can be attached to the bottom 4' of the knee wall and then fixed to the glass block with an epoxy of some type?

    Also, has anyone used to order custom shower doors?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I've heard some good things about A good quality silicon would probably hold the glass above the knee wall. Check out for some comments/help, too.
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    Never used that company - sorry.

    To hinge a door off of a glass panel it needs to be secured on three sides or have a lateral support bar. You can not just silicone a U Channel to it. I would visit this design page called ( and look up glass block pictures.

    Collect a few examples of why you like then call some local glazing contractors (Window and Glass Outfits) to give you price. If your worried about drilling into the glass blocks try instead setting an anchor into the blocks grout joint while setting the blocks.

    It might be that you need too alter the spacer if your blocks come with these.

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    I found this image on Houzz after following the link above. It shows the door hinged on the fixed wall. This contractor came up with a good solution I think to your problem.

    Notice how they add some tile work to cap off the end of the blocks....


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