Flush Mechanism Problem on Caroma Dual Flush

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    Jan 11, 2009
    My hubby and I recently installed a Caroma Sydney dual flush toilet in our bathroom, and I'm puzzled by a problem.

    When I look into the tank, there's a square piece that rocks. If it sits in a horizontal position, and I use the full flush button, that works fine. But if I use the half flush button, that piece rocks (so it activates just using the half flush), and it doesn't reseat itself into the horizontal position. Unless I take the lid off and reset the piece manually to the horizontal position, we have to hold the button down to make it flush. It seems as though I'm missing a piece that would force that rocking part to return to a horizontal position, but I can't find a diagram anywhere that would help me figure this out. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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    Inside the Caroma Sydney tank
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