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    Ontario, Canada
    We lost another two this week and it made me think of the "Highway of Heroes" and how much we want to pay our respects to the soldiers that have died.
    I know the US picture ban policy was put in place in 1991 and was renewed by the Bush administration. I don't know if now that Bush is gone will they change the policy?

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  2. Gary Slusser

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    You and others may have to forgive me, I'm a 5 year US military volunteer Vietnam era Veteran. And if you or others don't forgive me, that's OK because I know I did what I could to protect your right to your opinions, even though I may disagree with them, I smile at the majority of the population of the world having the freedom to voice them, because had it not been for the US, and its military, there would be a lot less freedom. And we wouldn't have the internet to voice our opinions on either.

    Why are you showing a link to Canada honoring their fallen soldiers and mentioning a US no pictures of the coffins coming off the plane policy?

    I can't see any coffins in your youtube piece, I do see them being blocked from sight actually.

    What do you see as a difference other than Canadians being behaved without the need for a US like regulation that prevented some Americans' bad behavour?

    If you want to respect your fallen soldiers, I'm all for it and you.

    I believe the Bush policy in the US respected our fallen soldiers and had some Canadians used their fallen soldiers for antiwar propaganda as was done here in the US, well I would have supported a no picture policy there too.

    So the question is why wouldn't you do the same for us? Or are you one of those Bush bashers regardless of the facts?

    Are you aware of the people that now show up at the funerals of US soldiers here to disrupt the funeral with their antiwar noisy demonstrations, placards and signs etc.? Do you consider that being respectful to fallen soldiers and does it matter that they are US soldiers?

    How about their families and friends? IIRC, recently our socialist democrat congress has denied to make that illegal. Would you support a law or policy to make that activity illegal, as I do? Would you if it were your son's or daughter's funeral? Niece or nephew? A friends'?

    Another IIRC thingy, I believe that no picture policy was rescinded because just a week or so ago I saw TV showing IIRC 7 US flag draped coffins inside the plane as they were brought home.
  3. Peanut9199

    Peanut9199 Customer Service Manager Plumbing Wholesale

    Ontario, Canada
    I am showing a link to the Highway of Heroes becuase i was mentioning it and not sure if everyone has seen it

    Picture 5 shows the coffin coming off the plane and picture 6 shows his friends carrying the coffin to the car.

    I didn't know the policy was to prevent idiots ruining funerals or using it for political means.

    Thank you, being a vet myself i could not be anything else.

    I thought the policy was because people would be angry at the goverment and not support the war if they saw how many soldiers were dying.

    Do i like Bush? No sorry don't and never did.

    If that is the reason why the policy was made then yes i would have made it illegal to interupt a funeral. I think that is disgusting, you can say what you want about the war but not about the people risking there lives.

    That is what i asked, i have not seen or heard anything and i thought someone down there would have heard before i would have.
  4. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Fair enough, and thanks for serving.
  5. Cookie

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    I think what you posted was very touching Peter. I had a military funeral for my husband and my older son, told me I had done well. Funny, though, my sister told me, it was ridiculous. My husband had served in Nam.

    Let their be world peace, we are all just people.
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