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  1. Fishin

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    I have a 115V electric motor that runs a hydraulic cart. After 5 sec of running, it kicks the 20 amp breaker on the wall. It has two capacitors on the side, one start and one run? Would checking the capacitors be the first place to start? We direct wired the motor to an outlet but the results were the same. Thanks.
  2. jadnashua

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    Look at the data plate for the motor and tell us what the model, voltage, and power numbers say. Did this ever work, or is it a recent problem?
  3. hj

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    If you know how to test them and have the equipment, it would be the easiest place to start.
  4. Ford2001

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    The breaker may be the cause of your problem. Old breaker, don't handle the inrush current well, check to see if a HACR type should work. Read the motor name plate, and use the
    breaker they call for.
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