Dura-Pex (NIBCO)Problems

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    Iam a plumbing contractor in Oklahoma City, we are having problems with dura-pex brass sweat in fittings that are deteriorating after 1 to 2 years. They are snapping off where the barbed portion is molded to the sweat part of the fitting. They look like they are rotting!Anybody out there having same issues? Also the stainless crimp rings (We no longer use) are splitting after installed 6 months to year thus the thing blows out on us, anybody else having this issue? The stainless crimp rings say"P-Pex" on them. We threw out all are stainless crimp rings and tools and went to copper. Thanks Bob
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    Yes, you have been piping with inferior product. Jumping over to Wirsbo Pex would have been an alternative.
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    Brass pex fitting rot

    I read an article recently about the use of too much zinc in brass fittings. If the amount was over 10% the zinc would do something like oxidize out leaving holes in the fitting. I went to the website for the fittings carried by Home Depot to see if they were safe. The manufacturer indicated that the zinc level was 10% or less according to code specs. I'm assuming that the Zurn fittings in question were not.

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