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  1. philipn

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    Jan 6, 2010
    I have a hotpoint drier with a 3 prong cable and plug, male. The center is aparently ground. I have a 4 hole (female) receptacle. I disconnected the 3 wires from the drier's 3 screws, which connect to the 3 prongs of the plug. I will exchange the 3 prong plug and cable for 4 prong plug and cable. How do I connect the 4 prong cable to the 3 termials on the drier?
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    If you only have 3 wires in the wall the receptacle and cord both need to be 3 wire. You can only install the 4 wire cord and receptacle if you have 4 wires in the wall.

    With the 4 wire setup a bonding jumper needs to be removed from the neutral terminal on the dryer.
  5. hj

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    The white neutral wire goes to the, usually, center stud. The ground goes to a separate stud/terminal on the dryer frame.
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