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    I have had the pleasure of testing a product for the last year and wanted to share this info out with others.

    The product I was given to test was "DrainEASY" if you have not heard about this and you have a shower/tub in your house you should check this out. Both my wife and daughter have long hair. Every time they take a shower it is like a small rodent taped in my drain. I was always unclogging it.

    The I got the "DrainEASY' to test. I must admit at first I was like what ever. But now that I have had it for a year. I never have to unclog my drain now. this little device braks up the hair and allows it to travel down the drain and trap large amount so they can pick up the hair clog out before it actually clogs it.

    Here is a YouTube video I just found that should help give more info.


    And no I don't get paid to tell people.

    - Albert
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    That looks really slick! I like it.

    I have been struggling to find a replacement stopper for a client in West Vancouver. I'll order one of these and do my own product testing! Thanks for sharing.

    If you are ordering a linear shower drain the ones from ACO that I do sell have an optional hair strainer. These do not grip and rip the hair but rather catch it.

    They look like this.

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