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    For US Companies, the decision to manufacture overseas has long seemed a no-brainer. Labor costs in China and other developing nations have been so cheap that as recently as two or three years ago, anyone who refused to offshore was viewed as a dinosaur, certain to go extinct as bolder companies built the future in Asia. But stamping out products in Guangdong Province is no longer the bargain it once was, and US manufacturing is no longer as expensive. As the equation has begun to balance out, companies—particularly the small to medium-size businesses that make up the innovative guts of America’s industry—are taking a long, hard look at the downsides of extending their supply chains to the other side of the planet.


    Here at Coast it has never been a question of quantity, our focus has always been quality. If you're willing to sacrifice the quality, cheapen the materials used, and support another growing global economy other than the U.S. then the door is open; and most companies have chosen this path. However, the quality of our products here at Coast has long been the backbone of our company for over 60 years, and will continue to be the driving force behind the decisions we make going forward. We are proud to say that 98% of our raw materials are domestic, and 100% of our products are assembled right here in the USA, and we find that our customers, namely the plumbers, DIY'ers, and middle class households of the country appreciate the fact that we are sticking to our guns when it comes to this issue. We all hear it everyday from our politicians; "We've got to bring Manufacturing back to the USA, create jobs, and grow this economy from within". We're on U.S. soil to stay, and will continue to manufacture the highest quality products in the industry without rival. Bottom Line: We're going to continue to Innovate, We're going to continue to create jobs, and We're going to support the economic growth of this Country.

    Does Made in America still matter to you?
    Call us today if you're tired of settling for poorly manufactured, low quality knock offs from overseas!

    We now sell direct to the industry; No more wholesales, distributors, or middle man. We can build the parts you need, that is, if we don't already.

    Ask me for a sample of our Plumber Direct Pricing- Message Me

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    I have always used Coast products. Never had an issue, I wouldnt mind getting a catalogue. You guys have hte best B1X'S on the market!
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    Great, Message me your email address and I'll send it right over!
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    The progression of "outsourcing" is always, Start with the cheapest source of labor, then when that country's economy improves because of your presence, transfer your operations to the "next cheapest" source, and so on. That is how Japan, Korea, and the other Eastern nations got their start. When the U.S.A. is the "cheapest source of production" everything will come back home.
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    I don't mind paying more (within reason) for American made products. Imagine what would happen if all Americans just decided one day to NOT buy anything made in China. Yes, it would mean doing without a LOT of things until America started another industrial revolution. That is our only hope for recovery. We CANNOT continue to be dependent on other countries for our livelihoods. I guess Wal-Mart would have to take some of their mega-billions and invest in U.S. manufacturing or go out of business (Gee what a shame that would be). We might actually have more small businesses on Main Street USA!
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    Thank you for your post and I will investigate your site. We Americans can stops this "jobs debate" by buying American made products, if we can find them. Consider this site:
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    I might be confused. Is there also an "international line" of Coast branded products in the market today??

    Sort of like the Buck Knives in walmart?? Buck could not produce a knife at the price point demanded by Walmart, but the sales volume is too big to pass up, so they bring in a product line made in China, just for walmart.
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    You must be talking about the ones that Don't keep an edge.

    The China made AK Barrels meltdown quick too, But shoot after getting them out of the Mud.

    It is Hard to be a Good Old Timer...
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