Do you blame the guy?

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  1. The fellow from Texas. Burned his house down and then took his plane and flew it into the building that had IRS workers in.

    I would say his intention was to kill many, not just one. His actions however will be a wake up call to the government, but not in the way "he" wanted it.

    Nothing will change in regards to how the system works. Nothing changes.

    There's another fellow in Ohio this week, bulldozed his sprawling estate, took it to the ground as the bank is repo'ing the property as the property was used as collateral for a commercial real estate property he owns.

    Something about being behind on taxes has a lot to do with it.

    When you attach a property or vehicle as a guarantee to cannot fold on one and not expect to be called out on another, even if you paid for one asset on time.

    The bank was calling this guy out, shutting him down completely. They don't care about you. You all should know that.

    The bank is a business; it does not make money doing favors. Sure...nice things can be done for others, but big picture...

    they don't care if you are dying, they don't care if you're out of work. You made an agreement and you have to live to it.

    Sympathy does not equate to profits.

    The bank has the attitude of destroying and reload the loan/mortgage as all their money is made on the front end of the loan. 15-20 years in, you know what your principal is from when you first bought.

    Banks weren't hurting when all the foreclosures came around...quite the contrary. They make a killing when these homeowners lose their homes. They are still a tangible asset and the property didn't get up and leave.

    NOW you know why the closer you get to paying off your home,

    the more offers you get to reload that mortgage with lucrative financing or "invest in your home" with using that attainable money you gained from real estate values growing.

    Not so much in present time right now, but you get the point.

    People are slowly losing the american dream.



  2. asktom

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    Victor, MT
    Yes, I blame him. He was a nut case. Ask his wife if he made his point.
  3. FloridaOrange

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    +1. He tried to scam the gov't out of taxes and that cost him $40K, should've been lessen learned. From what I read his two CA businesses were closed because of less than $2K in taxes.
    He bitched and moaned yet owned his own plane and had a $200K+ house, which he should've had the decency to leave to his wife and daughter instead of burning it down.

    There's alot wrong with the system but his situation was hardly dire or the result of some gov't vendeta. He would've been better off taking a fast drive into something dense.....real dense.
  4. hj

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    At least he was not like the guys who go postal and kill dozens of people before "offing" themselves. He probably hoped to take out a lot of them but only got one. He should have tried the White House. Then he would have seen what a Stinger missile, which was bought with someone else's tax money, looks like close up.
  5. Have you all heard about the guy who bulldozed his house down in Ohio?

    Front page of Drudge Report, but that's mainly to do with a house that was propped for backup collateral. Guy was in debt with the government with tax liens and the bank called out the personal property to get out before it got ugly.

    House is gone now, the guy is going to bulldoze down his commercial property as well.

    He's owned tax liability for 10 years though.

    I didn't hear about all the nonsense that guy had going on...all news to me.
  6. jimbo

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    This guy was a nut case. He has been running businesses all over the country and figured he was exempt from payroll taxes, income tax, etc. When you have that attitude, the IRS will come at you hard, because other hard working citizens eventually will have to make up the taxes he dodged.

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