Do we need Gun control YET?

Discussion in 'Computers and Stuff' started by Cookie, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Thats sweet......

    that would be fun to have...a little full auto stubby

    Cass... in Indiana, you need the gun permit, and of course I have one.. and am getting the life time one. soon.

    I go into a lot of fun neighborhoods and into a lot of vacant forclosed homes every must be sure you are alone before doing the work....

    someone I work for got robbed and beat up
    in a vacant home two summers ago, so I am always alert...

    and all you need to have happen to you ONE TIME is get caught down in a dark basement with a couple of total strangers walking in the front door...

    ohhhh the rush it gives you. ....its that "trapped like a rat" feeling.....
    wondering who has just entered the home... wether it be freind or foe...

    this has happenned to me twice ,

    So I always carry something in bad situations.....
    and its so small its not apparent to anyone.

    I think that full auto stubby would be great for the really ,
    really bad neighborhoods....
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  2. Cookie

    Cookie .

    One year in my Xmas stocking I found a stun gun. I laughed thinking it was weird and not real. I was going to *test* it on my brother stilll..... thinking it was not real until, by the look on his face, and his fast movements it was REAL...

    that is what you need. Only used it once.
  3. I just shot my dog's food bowl up.

    Sooner or later he's got to learn that you must finish eatin' yer meat before you can have any pudding! :p
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  4. cookie.jpg

    Found an avatar you can use

    If I use it, they'll think I'm ghey. ​
  5. thats like taking a knife to a gun fight....

    Cookie, a stun gun is basically like having hand to hand combat, you got to get very up close and personal with someone,

    and they can always slice back at you with their weapon.......

    also their is no guarantee that their will only be one of them to deal with...... that is not a good situation to be in with a stun gun.

    I just want to be be able to keep someone a good distance away
    and defend myself if need be, if it ever got to that level.....

    If I am in especially bad neighborhood,
    I strap on my very large, very shiney, Nickle plated 9mm with the 13 rounds....
    and I make sure it is visible to everyone .......
    (also I keep the small one in my pocket)


    In all honesty, the idea is not to kill anyone or look for trouble,,

    it is to simply "ward off evil spirits" ... to keep them away..

    so I can play another day........

    and the big shiney one works very well...

    also, I am sorry but your new avatar isnt cutting it......
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  6. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I agree with Mark,
    The only gun control needed is being able to hit your target!
    A good stance and two hands helps quite a bit.
    As does practice.

    Now on the other hand I think that we should start a program of "Criminal Control" no more slaps on the wrist, or light sentences for those who have demonstrated that they are too dangerous to be out in society.

    Preferably the police can take care of these guys before they are apprehended saving the taxpayers a ton of money...
  7. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    Here in many of our "Pit Cities" we have had 4 generations of parents that have failed to parent. 4 generations of large families every one of the kids with a different baby daddy that none of them have ever met...

    The only good meals of the day they get are served at school untill they drop out and start gang bangin in their teens. Usually incarcerated the first time before getting out of their teens....

    It's not getting any better.
  8. its getting meaner

    In our town and on my street where the business is located, you can notice that the foot traffic has picked up big time, strang looking street people living under the
    overpasses, ect.... pushing shopping carts ect...
    at the corners by the off ramps for the interstate their are
    now always beggers and winos looking for a handout...

    the beggars done bother me , but the constant foot traffic in the area keeps me on ejde.

    You have to lock your office doors and watch your trucks in your parking lot....

    we throw away a water heater in the back alley and its almost fought over by junker guys... it dont last 5 minutes out there..

    I usually keep my 22 in my pocket when alone at the office
    for various reasons..

    I dont ever want to be forced to give a donation,
    even though they feel they are entitled to it.....
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  9. Cookie

    Cookie .


    Rugged sent me it, and, I laughed my butt off, I think it is quite funny and cute. I put a new one up just for you, LOL, now check it out ,and tell me what you think? I have another one if you don't like that one. :) [​IMG] I should add Mark, I grew up target shooting, both bow & arrow, and pretty much using every kind of a gun short of using, Anzio Annie.

    Anzio Annie German K5(E) 280-mm RR Artillery piece

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  10. Cookie

    Cookie .


    What all human beings should have. We all are only one footstep away from being the next guy.

    [SIZE=-1]NOUN: [/SIZE]

    1. Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motive.
  11. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Here is an idea for any woman or man that wants to defend their self but doesn't like guns...are you ready....

    A can of wasp and hornet spray


    It will shoot 20-25 feet and if you spray someone in the face they won't be coming at you long...and if you flick a lighter after spraying them I guarantee they will run the other works great and you can keep several cans in strategic places around the house...
  12. rgsgww

    rgsgww New Member

    Outlawing guns will not do much. They will just get them illegally.
  13. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    The difference is that they just gave up.
    It got tough and rather than keep on going in the rat race they climbed off the treadmill and into a box under the overpass.
  14. Cookie

    Cookie .

    To me, that is a very sad attitude Redwood. You certainly are entitled to your opinion, but I wonder if you ever worked with them?
  15. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    Better than that, I know a few of them...

    In every case it involved it involved a series of bad choices culminating in giving up on themselves.

    Most involve drugs and alcohol abuse.
    Ending in a pity party in a box under the overpass.

    Cookie I know you are going to say addiction is a disease much like the Big C...
    Yes, it is a life threatening disease...

    But it is the only disease on the face of this earth that the successful treatment of the disease is dependent on the afflicted person deciding to obtain help. I'm not saying there is a 100% cure rate. But without the person deciding to seek help there is no cure. Quite often the help is only as far away as another room in the soup kitchen they went to for a meal or, in another room at the shelter where they went on that cold winter night.
  16. Cookie

    Cookie .

    I will tell you a little story Red.

    I was teaching I think it was third grade then . One little girl named, Anne, told me she wanted me to call her Cookie. I had asked her why? " Do you love Cookies? And, I tickled her. She told me that her dad always calls her Cookie. I told her that my daddy always called me Cookie, too.

    The next day this man came in with his daughter, Anne. I looked up from my desk when this little girl said, Cookie, this is my daddy.

    I looked up and this man was crying. He said, " do you know me" I looked and looked and I apologized saying that I didn't, but is their anything I can do for you?

    He told me, " You already did, I drank your coffee, I ate your turkeys and pies, I wore the clothes you gave me, and you gave me a job, you saved my life, Cookie." Then I knew who he was, he was my friend.

    I was driving into our city of a thousand bridges on a winter day when I spotted people huddled together in boxes I couldn't lift my foot from the brake when the light had changed. I knew I had to do something to help ease their pain.

    He was living under a bridge in a box.

    I started to collect blankets, winter clothes and boots, and take them to the people under the bridge. I became friends with them. I would take them hot coffee in empty milk jugs, Thanksgiving turkeys, the trimmings, a ham, pies, rolls, all kinds of food, all kinds of clothing.

    I got to be friends and found some jobs. He was one. He is now a tech in ex-ray at a hospital, he started off being a janitor. One is an teachers assistant at my school: another took a job, as a short order cook and now owns his own small restaurant; one is a LPN, another drives a school bus, all in all, I have over 50 friends, who now either rents, some bought their home.

    Anne's dad while sobbing told me, because of me, "he has a wife and a cookie of his own..."

    Red, just imagine if everyone cared more to make a difference in people's lives? I usually don't talk about this because I should be humble, but unless, I can tell you this, you might miss the opportunity to help someone in need. I was never afraid under the bridges.

    They are human beings with problems. We all need a friend.
    OH, I almost forgot he handed me 500 dollars that dayto help others living in a box under a bridge.
    We should be ashamed to want to sweep them away, when we have to much and not help. He is giving back. He was so grateful.
    I am so glad things worked out for him, and he has a family living in a nice warm home, and his Cookie is the best, he has a great kid.
    Imagine, what the world would had lost, if Anne was never born, she has so much to contribute to others. I have her picture in my album, along with her dad.

    Be kind, have empathy, it is not a dirty word...
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  17. Empathy is good for everybody...

    cookie, I like your new Avatar much better.

    but it still needs something....

    like a beautiful lady sitting next to that shell in a thong bikinni... with long flowing blonde hair ,

    with a drink in one hand reaching out to me
    with a beautiful smile and an inviteing look on her face....

    yes thats it,,,,, the perfect avatar......
    now go get to work on it...

    Empathy is a good thing....

    you are probably right , and honestly we are all really just one 7.0 earth quake away from living in tents this summer just like a lot of people in Italy are doing tonight...

    I really do have empathy for those who have had tragic events happen in their lives, and I would not wish troubles like that on a dog.....

    what I dont have is pity for the people that have basically fried their brains on drugs, alchol, ect.. and pissed on every opportunity that they ever had in their lives and expect me to feel sorry for them...

    and I have done many good deeds before for numerous
    employees over the years, and its never ended well..

    like paying $500 per semester
    for their plumbing classes to become journeymen plumbers
    only to see them quit cold turkey in the second semester.,
    thats gratitude,,,,
    or paying for their medicle benefits , only to see them steal me
    blind every chance they could.... thats gratitude....

    if you want to hear a really nasty story about my social
    attempts and good deeds to help others, ,
    send me a private e-mail.,

    it cant be repeated here
    because its an on-going drama
    (that is why I pack that gun)

    I suppose the question is
    where do you draw the line ??

    Where does compassion end and gullibility begin???

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  18. Cookie

    Cookie .

    And, what exactly was wrong with that cute litte avatar of a cat? You need to explain.

    You can find pictures anywhere on the net of women OR men, wearing throngs, I can easily change your avatar into one for you if you want Mark.

    Just let me know.

    Tell us of your good deeds, you don't need to tell me privately. It might make some people rethink their opinions of people, more than just down on their luck. To inspire is a good thing...............................

    But there are people who just won't ever learn not to judge so harshly, or be so opinionated. For they were just born mean.

    If you got kids, what kind of a world do you want your kids live in and someday raise their kids in? How would you feel if your own kids become in dire straights, or develop an addition to something? Or became a piss poor employee? What would you do and who would you blame?

    This should be interesting.

    Do you really think you were the only person who ever got burned or bruised in life? For trying to help another? Don't you realize if 100 people took your money and ran that doesn't mean they will be the last but, their will be in your life time, hundreds, or even thousands who won't. That is life, Mark.
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  19. empathy

    Cookie....why would you want to change my avatar??

    I just was giveing you some ideas. on what I thought would
    be a neat one... .....please dont take it personal.....

    anyway...back on the subject of Empathy......

    like the old song goes...

    Everyone plays the fool, their is no exception to the rule...

    You must learn from your mistakes,

    forgive others and dont be bitter about them....

    thats about all that really can be done....just forgive.....

    now going out and makeing the same mistakes over and over again

    their is an old saying about that too

    fool me once, shame on you ,
    fool me twice.....shame on me....

    I really cant mention what presently is going on
    with one of my failed social experiments.

    emapthy backfired on me big time.
    and its not over.

    if you really want the story, just e-mail me in private.

    take care

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  20. Cookie

    Cookie .

    You completely lost me on all accounts.
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