Do all Toto Drakes have sanigloss

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  1. DJ2

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    I bought my Toto Drake a couple of months ago from Morgan Plumbing in Seattle. I don't recall anything about sanigloss. Do all Toto Drakes come with Sanigloss?
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  2. Terry

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    Not all Toto Drakes come with Sanagloss.

    The Sanagloss bowl has an emblem on it so you know.

    I sell both styles.
    The CST744S-01 for $229 in the Seattle area and the
    CST744SG-01 with Sanagloss for $275

    I'm sure you paid more for less there.
    I'm the biggest seller of Toto in the Seattle area.
  3. jch

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    Practically speaking, what is the benefit (if any) of the SanaGloss? Easier cleaning? Less frequent cleaning? Looks sexier? Better flush action? Something else?

  4. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
  5. jadnashua

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    go to and read what the manufacturer has to say. Most companies selling in Japan use a similar patented is expected over there from what I hear. It is microscopically smoother than a normal glaze which makes it hard for contaminants to stick to it and makes it easier to clean, when it eventually does need it.
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