Discoloration after heavy use?

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm new here and am seeking some advice. I use my well water to fill an outdoor, backyard ice rink. It was a lot of water and I did it in three installments over three days. About 5 hours each day! I noticed after the second day that the water I used to fill the bath for the kids was discolored. Not exactly reddish but more like a yellow "urine" color. I do have a whole house filter in the basement and was wondering if changing this would potentially solve the problem. I am planning on changing it anyway. THe thing is, the filter is after the spigot that runs outside so I don't think all the water went through the filter.

    I guess the question is: Would heavy usage cause a change in the status of the well that would cause discoloration? Temporarily I hope?
    The house is new to us (6 months) and the well was dug with the construction of the house 7 years ago.

    Thanks in advance for your expertise!

    Bob C
    Rochester, MA
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    A lot of things can cause discoloration. Pumping hard can cause this but, usually we pump the well hard for a while to get it to clear up. A hole in the drop pipe can also stir up the well, but you will usually notice some air or water hammer. A filter won’t usually remove color. But if it is, you should be able to catch some of the sediment to see what is causing the problem.
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