Cut-in / Cut-out points WAAAAY apart

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  1. bally

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    This is a very useful forum indeed. I know very little about plumbing, or even specifics about what is in my basement. I have a well with an in line pressure pump. My problem is with the pressure pump switch. I can't seem to get the cut-in/out points set to a reasonable range. 30-50 would be just fine, BUT... Right now the cut in is at about 5 lbs. and the cut-out is at 80 lbs. :confused: I've found this setting through extensive trial and error. Obviously, this is not an acceptable setting, but it's the only one that works. If I turn the nut CCW from this point, the pump will never turn on. If I turn the nut CW, the pump will never turn off. The spring is mashed down almost to the limit. The little adjustment screw which adjusts only the cut-out point doesn't even come into play here, as the nut is 1/4 inch above the top of the spring.

    What could be causing this? Is there something I can do (or should have done) to this switch to get it back to working order, or should I replace it? Is that possible for a guy with average tool skills?
  2. jadnashua

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    The little screw changes the separation of the settings. The big screw adjusts both of them in the same direction without changing the separation. The pressurein the bladder tank needs to be set to the low-pressure turn on point, minus a couple of pounds.
  3. bally

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    As I said, the little screw doesn't come into play here, since it isn't even touching the tension spring. If I were to tighten it, that would only increase the difference in the in/out points, right?

    As for the bladder tank pressure, I set it to 28 lbs., or 2 lbs less than the cut-in point I wish I could achieve. But I don't think that has a lot to do with my problem.
  4. Pumpman

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    Somebody with a lot of experience in adjusting these switches could probably get the switch back where it belongs, but I think you would be money ahead (not to mention less wear and tear on the pump motor) if you just replaced the switch with a new 30/50 switch.
  5. speedbump

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    I agree with Ron, and if your pump is really going up to 80 with only 28 lbs. in the tank, your not doing it any good either. Although I doubt you can get a switch to stretch anywhere near those extremes.

  6. bally

    bally New Member

    I took Pumpman's advice and installed a new 30/50 switch. It works perfectly right out of the box. Smooth, constant pressure once again. :) I can't believe I spent all that time screwing around with a bad switch.
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