Cooling Water in Exterior Tank

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  1. popesterb

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    Hi there,

    I live in the Middle East and they use exterior holding tanks for houses over here. Being summer time, the water in the tank is quite warm, bordering on hot, and I'm looking for a homemade (read inexpensive) way to set up some sort of cooling mechanism for the water in the tank. A commercially bought water chiller isn't really an option, just wondering if anyone has any ideas?

  2. SacCity

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    Sacramento, CA
    A small spray nozzel and pump to take advantage of evaporative coolling should drop the temperature about 10 to 15 degres.
  3. Texas Wellman

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    SE Texas-Coastal
    A well insulated tank would probably do the trick. Even better, a concrete holding tank or a buried plastic one.
  4. gritres

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    nw florida
    just put it underground as deep as your shovel can take it
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