circut breaker tripping need help!!

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  1. michael1121

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    Was having trouble with water pressure at faucets so I checked the tank pressure and it seemed low. Determined it was a bladderless tank and added pressure. This problem occurred more than once. Woke to no pressure and tried to determine the cause. Then the breaker began tripping as soon as I turn on the pump switch. I replace the control box after reading about it being the likely cause. After installing the new box I turned reset the breaker and again the circut tripped. What should I do next or what are possible senarios
  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Assuming all you did is could be a short or a bad pump...
  3. Thatguy

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    Or a bad breaker or a bad connection to the breaker.
    I'd invest in a clamp-on ammeter so you can measure the current going through the breaker. It'll pay for itself quickly.
  4. upper

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    If you can not pull your own pump,now is the time to call a pump guy....Upper
  5. michael1121

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    thanks for the advice

    When I was connecting the new control box, I noticed the red wire had some spots where the wire was visible. Could that be the source of the short!?! I will consider getting the meter to see what is flowing through the wires. Could a defective pressure switch cause the fuse to blow? Again, thanks for the help.
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    Circuit breaker tripping

    One quick check would be your connections in the wiring. Sometimes in a repair you may have loosened a connection and vibration is causing the loos connection to spark and those trip the breaker.

    Check that all your connections are tight and the copper is in good condition.

    Sometimes it's just that.

    We had a floor heat thermostat that was tripping all the time and it turn out to be one loose wire that vibrated when the kids ran down the stairs.
  7. michael1121

    michael1121 New Member

    Many thanks

    Will check connections for loose wires and the bare copper wire I mentioned in the last post. Thank you for you imput and Love for this wonderful forum...I have learned sooo much!!
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