change jet location?

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    Mar 21, 2014
    I have a shallow (15ft) well and the pump is a Gould jet 2 pipe system with the venturi installed in the well. I'm pretty sure the jet is clogged so now I cannot get over 30lbs pressure. I had the lines freeze and stirred up all sorts of debris! My well is by a river and the recharge rate is high. It is going to be difficult to pump water out of the well fast enough to get to the jet to try to clear it. Which means lots of labor to pay. I can order a venturi that would install on the pump itself. Would it still work if I did this and shut off the existing 1" pipe, turning it into a one pipe system?

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    A single pipe jet pump can lift water from about 24’ at sea level. The higher your elevation, the less depth is can draw from. It might work if your water level is less than 15’, but it won’t produce as much as the two pipe system.
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    If the lines froze then most likely the pump did also. You may have other problems.

    You may be able to reverse flow, in hopes to clear the jet.

    Good Luck on your project.
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