Capacitor for 1hp submersible pump

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  1. jk76

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    I converted my house about a year ago to city water and would now like to run the irrigation off the well. The current pump is a 1/2hp 5gpm pump thats been in the well for over 30 years, the new pump is 1hp 25gpm. The old pump and new pump both need a control box to run, can I use the old control box and just switch the capacitor. Do I even need to switch the capacitor?
    Also I found a wx-252 a while back on craigslist that I thought I would use as my holding tank. Do I even need a holding tank if the well will be used only for irrigation?

  2. DonL

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    Mar 30, 2011
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    I would make sure that the cap matches the pump motor winding.

    And using the tank would be better than no reserve.

    I do believe that Having the tank would make the system perform better, and last longer.

    Have a great day.

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  5. ballvalve

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    You will need a new control box.
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