Can Pressure tank installation "fail" an Iron filter

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    Apr 9, 2007
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    Hello! I'm new to the forum today! I have some issues with Iron in our well water and want to be well informed before the service technician comes out
    and tries to feed me a line of you know what since they already did once, charged me a service fee and didn't fix the problem!

    About 5 months ago, we had our pressure tank replaced because the old one got a hole in the bladder (according to the installer) and stopped working. The new pressure tank is the supposedly the same style as the old one w/ bladder, according to the installer.

    Ever since they put in the new pressure tank, our water has iron taste, odor and is discoloring the toilets and shower w/ orange stain. I even smell a bit of egg odor like before. To make a long story short our water is just like it was before we had our BIRM iron filter installed 2 years ago.
    These iron problems seemed to coincide with the new pressure tank being put in. (although it could be a coincidine, but I don't think so)
    At first I thought the improved pressure was just causing build-up to be washed
    off the inside of the pipes affecting the water negativley. After 5 months of this, I know this is not the case.
    I'm having the people who installed the iron tank come out (again) tomorrow to check it out again. He hinted over the phone that when the pressure
    tank was installed, that they could have gotten a lot of gunk in the iron filter
    and failed the iron filter. That is my question. Can this happen?

    I'm dealing with two different companies here.
    I don't want to be fed any B.S. tomorrow. The iron filter folks already came out once abobut 2 months ago and tested my water and claimed I had no iron - 0ppm. But I could smell and taste it!
    Yet I have orange hair and fixtures and had it tested independently yesterday
    and have .5ppm of iron after the filter and 2ppm before the filter, .5ppm is enough to cause my problems. I have clear water iron
    (ferrous). Our ph is around 8. I even thought that maybe the new pressure tank was not putting enough ozygen into the water as the old one was which would cause my iron filter to not work properly, but the pressure tank guy said they put in the same style as the old one. It is a Well rite (WRbotr)

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows if a pressure tank installation can "fail" an iron tank by introducing gunk into it. I know the pressure tank installers did not bypass the iron filter when they installed the pressure tank. This is because my water was bad and I called them and asked if maybe they left the iron filter in the "bypass" position and they said they didn't touch the bypass knob at all. Everything is installed in our crawl space. The
    pressure tank is installed between the well pump and the iron filter.

    As a side note, the water pressure is not as good as it was
    when they first installed the pressure tank it and it was only great pressure for about a week I'd guess if that, it has been just mediocre since then. The water was hitting the far shower wall for the first time and I thought that was great, but it didn't last long.

    Thanks and sorry this is so long!
  2. 1erins

    1erins New Member

    Apr 9, 2007
    Party-Inflatable Rentals
    Correction - Pressure tank is a Well Rite WR60TR or WR60TK (cannot read his writing) Hope that is a decent model.
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