Can anyone help with this toilet???

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by macdebbie, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. macdebbie

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    Sep 5, 2004
    We just had a plumber in to look at the problem with our bathroom (the heating unit had been cut by another plumber to fit the existing toilet).

    He said we need to start with a 10" toilet.

    The measurement from the center of the bolt to the wall is 10 1/2".

    The baseboard heating unit is 3 1/4" thick.

    From the center of the bolt to the back edge of the bowl is 7 3/4".

    He thought that American Standard might make a toilet that would fit. I don't know how toilets are measured, so not sure what to look for.

    He said an offset flange might work, but recommended against it, and recommended trying instead to find a replacement toilet. He also said it might work to get a 12" toilet, and have a different tank. Not quite sure what he means.

    Can anyone help???

    Debbie Macintosh
  2. e-plumber

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    Sep 1, 2004
    New York
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    If the plumber is leaving it in your hands, you can call a plumbing supply house and ask them which toilet will work in that situation. Or you can check the link above, (or other plumbing fixture manufacturers' websites) for technical info. Gerber, Crane, Toto, etc.

    A 12" toilet will not fit and an offset flange is not suggested. A little bit of research and you may find a toilet that will work.
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