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  1. gsecord

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    does any body have a drawing of a bladder tank hooked up tp a shallow well pump
  2. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    It depends on what type pressure tank but, usually the tank goes in after the pump and you should use a tank tee for a bladder type tank and then a ball valve on the tee's outlet.

    You have to plumb the outlet of the pump so you can open it to prime the pump. Usually a tee turned on end with a plug in it.
  3. lenharvey

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    Have just finished installing 3 WELLMATE bladder tanks. Two cistrens and one storage tank. Installation instructions provided by manufacturer, Pentair. Have misplaced instruction brochere so made a drawing of same. Check valve can be flapper or spring loaded type.
  4. valveman

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    Never use a flapper type check valve. I don't know why you would need 3 bladder tanks. Here is a picture of a system where I used 3 bladder tanks but, it is on a 75 HP pump that is capable of 1,900 gallons per minute. Without the Cycle Stop Valve, this system would have required about 50 bladder tanks.

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