Black Fine Sediment well water

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    Jan 3, 2012
    Just purchased a Home back in may, in the last few months after putting some chlorine in the well i opened all the faucets to flush out the system. Upon doing so towards the end i noticed the water having black sediment. So i stopped flushing the system, now occasionally in the tubs there appears to be black water.
    There is a high level of Iron, and we do have rust color water lightly. But the sediment we have is more of a finer particle and a solid black color. Turning the water a tint of black as well. It is an artesian well, with a 10 year old hot water tank looks to be 40g, and a pressure tank. submersible pump as well.

    Any suggestions, ideas to trace this problem down? & Fix?
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    Mar 15, 2006
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    Sounds like you should not have stopped "flushing the system". You don't have a lot of options with sediment in the well. The first thing to do is try to pump it clean. You have to use more than just a hose. You have to open up a big line or run several hoses to get the pressure down and the volume needed to bring the sediment out of the well. You may have to pump it hard for days to do any good.

    If pumping it out doesn't work, your next option is to pull the pump. Then you can have someone treat and clean the well, or run a camera to see what the problem is.
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