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    May 24, 2012
    Hello! I just wanted to see what feedback on my well water color/sediment may be. In another discussion in the water softener forum, I had mentioned that I was getting rusty staining in some of my fixtures, but no iron was present in a water test. One recommendation was to go to a 5005 gradient filter, compared to the 50 micron pleated filter I had to see what that did. This is a new house to me, so my second filter change. I've attached some pics of the filter and filter/filter water in a five gallon bucket.

    I'm assuming this would be clay showing up in the filter? There is no granularity to the material on the filter, and it stained my fingers just like the red clay soil did when I lived in Arkansas. There wasn't a huge amount of buildup on the outside, you can see where I ran my finger.

    Normal? Anything to be concerned about? Should I use a different filter? This is three months use.

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