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    West Mifflin, PA
    This is going to probably be one of those DUG ( slap forehead) questions but I'm drawing a blank.

    We have a baseboard boiler heater furnace & it finally went ka-put after 40+ years. We replaced it this past summer & know before the cold weather hits we will have to bleed the system.

    The hose we use ( that looks like a bicycle pump) has rotted & we need to replace it. We've been to Home Depot & Lowes to ask about the part & thry don't have what we are looking for.
    Problem is.. what is the name of the hose?? Once we explain what we need the people at the store understand but I need to call around & ask if anyone carries the part..
    can anyone help me with the name of the hose?? TIA for any help
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    Mor info or a picture would be best
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