Bad night at work

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  1. got_nailed

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    Well I went out to do a work on a house last night and I get there and the fist thing I notice is there is no meter in the can.

    Hmm I work mostly at night and the GC knows this. So I think I’ll just pop off the face of the panel and hot wire me an outlet. Well I get out a light and I look up at the poll and the disconnect was missing. So I can’t hot wire some power, and I didn’t see any generators, and I at least need some power for lighting. Most of my tools work on batteries packs.

    I called the GC and he didn’t know why there was no power and said he would run out and take care of it. Well he shows up with a 5500 watt generator (how much noise will be put up with). The cops show up in 30 minutes and tell the GC he has to kill the generator. He’s back in 30 minutes with a 1000 watt Honda in puts it in the addict and calls the cop back out to see if it’s acceptable. Well 3 gallons of gas latter the suns out and I’m out the door and the GC calls and asked why I didn’t get a lot done.

    I ran all of the copper and did all and did the stub outs. I ran all of the first floor PVC and left the PVC running up the walls for the second floor. Was only there for 8 hours and 2 hours of it was with flashlights.

    I don’t think I’ll be doing much more for this GC.
  2. GCs from hell...

    General contractors are mostly skum.....

    even thouhg you go there at night and get something
    done it still is not good enough...

    their is something you have not tought of yet.....
    he will most likely take the rental of the generator
    out of your pay.....

    wait and see.
  3. GrumpyPlumber

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    Licensed Grump
    I've said it before here...finding a GOOD GC to work with is a gamble.
    Even when you find someone who doesn't resort to petty means to get your price down, it takes years to develope a trusting repore.
    I do mostly service/repair, I have a couple of GC's that call me and only ONE I jump to immediately when he calls.
  4. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    If you do most of your work at night, and I question why that would be the case unless it is a side job, then YOU should have the equipment, such as a generator or power inverter, to run tools and lights.
  5. got_nailed

    got_nailed DIY Senior Member

    I have worked with for this guy a few dozen times. In my contract it dose say there must be 2 15 amp circuits with in 75 feet of the house.

    I have a real job working night shift at an auto plant. I do my work on the weekends at night because I can be in and out with out having other trades in my way and in a weekend I’m done and gone. It helps keep the GC from falling behind with other trades.

    He will never get any more work out of me if he tries to charge me for the generator. This is the first time I have had any problems out of this guy.

    HJ… I was out there on Wednesday to talk to him and go over everything and there was power. All of the construction where I’m at has power by the time the foundation is done.
  6. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    I have to ask if this is a side job or are you a licensed electrical contractor?
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