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    I recently bought a house with an oil furnace without a separate water heater and the water is way too hot. I asked our service guy how to decrease the temp, he suggested that I buy a separate unit that attaches to the furnace for about $1200.00. I asked if there was some kind of simple anti-scald valve he could add, but he said they are $200 and only last about 2 yrs. He did not recommend one. I am not sure if this guy was being honest or if he was just trying to make a big sale. Does anyone know if there is a simple inexpensive fix for this or do I have to drop the $1200? Has anyone used an antiscald valve in this situation?

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    Most installations like yours have them, because there is no way to accurately control the water temperature coming from the heater. There are many types and the prices reflect the degree of accuracy and to some extent the longevity of the valve.
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    Basically, you've got a couple of things you can do. A tempering valve is normally used. These, as HJ indicates come in different quality versions. It automatically mixes cold water to the output if it exceeds the user setting. The quality of this setting varies alot from my (very) limited experiend (I'm not a pro). An alternative, and that would probably be the $1200 item, is an indirect hot water heater tank. This tank looks similar to a "standard" hot water heater, but instead of having its own heater (gas or electric), has a separate zone valve and (maybe) a pump that gets heat from your boiler. I don't think that a tempering valve would cost anywhere near $1200 to install (or replace, since you probably already have one), but to add an indirect tank could. One brand is SuperStor.
  4. simmons termpering valve

    this is a commercial tempering valve that lasts forever, and are pretty reliable. All you go tto do is tie in cold water to one side and the hot water to the other, then set the dial on the front of it to where you want the hot water in your house to be ..

    its pretty reliable and is used in many applications

    the actual valve is about $650-to 750 what he would charge to install this is another stroy.
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    What is the brand and model of that $700 valve?
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    easy cheaper solution

    www.antiscald.com sell devices that you can install yourself in 1 minute and will shut the flow of water if it exceeds 120 degrees. check it out. :)
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