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    Looking from some feedback regarding angle values and what is being used the most in residential construction.

    Regarding install preference:

    1) Full Turn versus 1/4 turn
    .....(I used to prefer full and leaving value a 1/4 turn from full open in case value became calcified you
    ......could work value stem back and forth to get it closed. -- Lately all I've seen is 1/4 turn values installed)
    2) 3/8 inch outlet versus larger (e.g. 1/2)
    3) Compression versus Sweat
    4) Manufacturer
    ....(I looked at several "BrassCraft" 1/4 turn at HD, but was disappointed that the outlet hole on the value at full open
    .....was still partially closed off. Checked a number of them (>30) at two different HD stores and all appeared to have the same issue.)
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    The sealing gasket on multi-turn valves often is shot many years down the road when you want to turn it off for maintenance. A good ball-valve should still shut off.

    A toilet and most faucets are flow restricted, so 3/8" is plenty.

    Compression works fine, but if you prefer, you certainly can sweat them on.

    Dahl makes some nice valves, but I haven't really looked around much lately...Dahl is (I think) made in Canada, many of the others are made in a China factory regardless of the brand name.
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    Thanks for your input. Will do some research on Dahl.
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