Amtrol Residential Pressuriser RP-10

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  1. sierramtns

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    I'm trying to familiarize myself with this water booster pump. Unfortunately it's about 8 yrs. old and Amtrol only has the Installation/Instruction info for their newer models such as their HP series. It's not online and several calls to Amtrol failed to get me the info. If anyone has a manual source I'd appreciate getting a copy. I have only the first 3 pgs.
    My unit has rubber tubing that connects to the pressure switch. Is it water or air that activates the switch to make the contacts move?
    If the switch contacts were to remain in the closed position(making contact) due to some type of switch failure I presume that the pump would operate continuously. If my faucets are closed would the unit eventually shut off or would the pressure rise and cause bursting of one or more of the components on the device?
    I'm new to this site and quite handy but far from a pro.
  2. Thatguy

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    "thermal sensor prevent run on/burn-out"
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    That sensor only works with the electronic pressure switch. The tubing to the pressure switch is a water line. Even though you can’t find a manual, pumps are pretty much the same. What kind of problem are you having?
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