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  1. dumpymcgee

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    Piscataway, New Jersey
    good call

    I was thinking along those lines which makes me think they are just asking to lose money with this...

    No Callback Promotion on Champion 4
    ProChampion League members get special assurances from American Standard when you put your trust in our new Champion 4 toilets. If you purchase and install a Champion 4 between May and December 2007 and you get a callback due to a manufacturing defect, American Standard will send you a $100 American Express gift check.

    here is where I found that info

    Grading the best toilets, the ones that work!
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  2. dumpymcgee

    dumpymcgee AMERICAN STANDARD

    Piscataway, New Jersey
    did a little digging

    I did a little digging on the warranty and on their site it says 10 years on all porcelain and all mechanical componenets. So I think the new one is covered inside and out for 10 years.

    this is the warranty I found

    I'm going to give it a shot. place your bets?
  3. Reader Review

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    By all indications the two champion toilets I purchased had a manufacturing defect in the trap. After six months my first one began to leak from underneath the toilet. Thinking it was the wax ring I removed the toilet to find that there was a small crack/hole right at the bottom of the trap way which was leaking.
    It appears as if there was a repair attempt made - there was some kind of porcelain patch material visible on the trap. I got a replacement unit form the retailer and when I opened the box this toilet had a noticeable repair in the same place. It must be a known defect - Do not buy this toilet!
    M. Baker 8/9/2007
  4. Reader Review

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    I bought 4 of these toilets for my new home and they lasted about 3 months with the same results as everyone else. Now I am considering taking a sledge hammer to them. With all the time and money I have spent in repairs I am surprised that there is not a recall notice on these? Has anyone considered a class action lawsuit to have all the toilets replaced by American Standard because of defective product? I personally would be interested.

    M. Hin Wed, 01 August 2007
  5. Reader Review

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    I bought 9 of these toilets about 2 years ago---they worked great for several months then I noticed the problem that almost everyone has had----leaky gaskets from the flush mechanism. Now, we can send a man to the moon but we can't fabricate a mason jar gasket that doesn't bubble,warp,change size etc etc. and LEAKS??? Amercan Standard should pay to have all these toilets retrofitted with a system that is functional----WHO was the moron that tested THAT gasket???? Class Action suit----let the lawyers start singing.............jec (unhappy camper with gaskets that leak) Smile Master 7/24/2007

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    purchased 2 of these AS Champion toilets in my last house to replace two crappy low flush ones that constantly clogged. I couldn’t have enough praise over them, I was proud of my new toilets….Sad but true. So when I built a new house I told the plumber that I wanted 3 AS Champion 1 piece champion toilets, no if, ands or buts about it. So I paid the extra and got the toilets of my dreams…… So I thought. The one in my master ensuit has a noisy clunk and sometimes fails to flush. The one in my son’s bathroom leaks and so does the one on the main level bathroom. What the HE@$#%^. These aren’t the same toilets I remembered. I am calling AS tomorrow and giving them heck and hopefully they will send me new flapper rings for all three since I figure it is only time until the other fails. Shame on AS for putting out a toilet with obvious problems. I will never recommend there toilet to anyone ever again.
    John Frazee
    Belleville, ON, Canada
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    There are not only problems with the Champion. I had an Antiquity toilet installed and it leaked and flooded by bathroom. Returned it and had another one installed. After two months the porcelain is wearing off. So far, the response from American Standard is T.S. They are willing to replace, but who pays for the $75.00 an hour for the plumber? Certainly, not American Standard,.
    Ajv 7/5/2007
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    So, I have a really, really old model that was there when I bought my house!.....I took it out in the backyard and had my son take a sledge hammer to it!
  9. construct30

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    NorthWest PA
    I actually have a paper I make people sign when they buy one of these before I install it saying they don't work and I am not responsible to make it work or keep it working. I like the eljer titan somewhat. The toto might be best, but you can't get one and people don't want to pay the money. In all fairness many problems with the Champion toilets are due to the plumbers installing them and adjusting them wrong, but the flush seal leaking in six months is all on A.S. Maybe we should bring back the out house.
  10. Reader Review

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    have 2 of these toilets. I thought they would be great, NOT. I bought them at different times, a couple of months apart and even though they are the same model number, they have different inner parts, particularly the o-ring. The first one I put in has the defective seal, and I have noticed that it runs every once in a while. The second one I put in had the newer - modified seal. The second toilet I have experienced the orange O-ring coming off. I fixed that with aquarium sealant because I was not able to find a replacement part, and I wasn't about to go and buy a whole new toilet to fix an o-ring. Now the first toilet with the defective seal has the spring popped out of the plunger tower because of the broken plastic piece. I think both of these will be replaced.
    D Hasn
  11. Yehoshua

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    American Standard Champion

    Thanks to all for all this information. Two questions:

    1) There seem to be many different models of the "Champion" toilets. Does the above leakage apply to ALL of them? My wife very much likes the look of the "Townsend Champion."

    2) I followed the thread above where the leak problems seems to have been fixed in the Champion 4 models. Does everyone agree that it is now a safe toilet to buy, or should it still be avoided?
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    hello my name is shannon foshee i own the champion toilet 4260 also.

    i called american standard last week to get a replacement tank i bought this toilet four years ago. i sent american standard a letter i needed a new tank i got hassled about it they wanted me to take pictures of the cracked tank i did not have a camera then the man wanted me to send him pictures of it that's hard to do if you don't have a camera and. he refused to send me a new tank under the ten year warranty. and i get a call today from american standard that they will be sending me a new tank. i.m still waiting on it i will let you know when i receive it.they acted like they wasn't going to.

    thanks shannon foshee
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    i had bought this toilet 1 year ago it continues to lesk water and sticks all the time my first and last one
  15. Reader Review

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    I to installed champion super flush toilets in my home about 1 year ago. Worked good for a while but very noisy. Then it started leaking around the flush valve the red seal would not hold the water in the tank. I called American Standard at 1-800-442-1902 told them the problem and they sent me out a new tower (black) to replace the white one and has worked GREAT AND NO MORE CLUNK when you flush. Thanks American Standard.
  16. micp879

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    Martinez, CA
    I have a question regarding this new flush valve that American Standard is supposedly sending out as a replacement for the pain in the butt flush tower. If I remember correctly, when the Champion first came out, when it had the leaky flush tower, it was only a 3 inch valve. Well this new flush valve is supposedly a 4 inch. Am I missing something, or does that mean that this new valve can not be used to replace the initial 3 inch tower? The leaking tower has been a pain in the butt on my parents Champion, and I was hoping that this new valve could solve the problem. But now that I see the valves are different sizes, Im a bit confused.
  17. SamC

    SamC Member

    Not to worry. Look carefully at the picture, and you will see that the threaded part at the bottom that fits into the hole in the tank is actually the same size as the original flush tower. The tube flairs out like a trumpet to mate with the four inch flapper. The idea is that the water flows in faster with the funnel-like flair.
  18. Dac

    Dac New Member

    Leaking Seal Problem

    I also purchased an AS Champion 4260 toilet about a year ago. It has the white, clunky flush tower model. It has been ten months since installation and it finally started leaking past the seal. :mad: Some how it had developed a bubble. After searching several hardware stores, I stumbled upon some bulk rubber gasket material which was the correct thickness and proceeded to make a replacement. The first one I made was made to conform to the measurements of the original gasket. It leaked also. So I made a second one. This time I widened the flange by adding an 1/8" to the outside diameter. It has been in place 24 hours and has not leaked so far. :D I also lengthened the chain. That has reduced the clunk slightly. The clunk I don't mind. I'll be happy if I can stop wasting about 150 gallons of water a day. Thank God I'm not on a municipal water system.
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    Since we purchased the so called Champion we've had nothing but problems. You dare not touch the bowl or it starts to leak. No parts available at Home Depot were we bought it. The handle is about to sticks all the tme. Sometimes I think we would be better off with a bucket! American Standard...........never again!

    Jerry Miller
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    We have a newly built (two-years old) townhouse with three bathrooms; two adults and have occasional guests. The contractor installed American Standard “Standard Collection†Elongated Toilets. They have been nothing but trouble from the beginning. The toilets do not flush well and are constantly clogging. We need to flush two or three times to get the waste down.
    The problems seem to be in the bowls. The plumber who installed the toilets broke one open and discovered that the porcelain on the toilet was not throughout and the toilet paper was getting caught on the rough spots. All three toilets were replaced once during the contractor one-year warranty period. It is now year two, and we experiencing clogging in one toilet, and staining where the porcelain has worn off in another. One of the toilets gets very little use. We needed to call a plumber that we trust very much to take a look at one of the toilets that is no longer flushing down waste…no matter how many times we try. After a half hour of his time, he told me that we needed a new toilet. We will never purchase another American Standard product again. He recommended Toto or Kohler. Since we have heard nothing but good things about Toto, we decided to bite-the-bullet and replace the two toilets that get the most use. M. Cellucci 9/17/07
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