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    Jan 6, 2009
    I need some advice on upgrading a water tank and filter system I inherited when I purchased a lakehouse. The galvanized tanks are leaking and need to be replaced, but I am hoping to reuse some of the other components. I also could use some help on placement of check and relief valves.

    The system is driven by a submersible pump with a flow of around 12 gpm. There is a pressure relief valve followed by a 30-50 pressure switch feeding into a 120 gal galvanized pressure tank. The pipe coming out of the pressure tank goes through a check valve and has a chlorine injector before feeding into a 120 gal galvanized retention tank. The pipe coming from the top of the retention tank goes into a Fleck 2510 Carbon backwashing filter before fedding into the house.

    The Carbon filter and the Chlorine injector are both in good condition and I would like to reuse those components. I will probably replace the carbon media in the tank. I already have a Wellmate retention tank that I can use and I am planning to purchase a Well X-Trol pressure tank.

    I plan to add a sediment filter and connect the pressure tank using a 30-50 tank tee. I assume the chlorinator should still be between the pressure and retention tank? Do I connect the inlet to the bottom of the retention tank and the outlet at the top? Where do I need check or relief valves? Any other advice on how to configure the system?

    We have in the past used bottled water for drinking. Would installation of an RO system in the house be sufficient for drinking water?

    Thanks in advance.
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