Adjusting wall plates - Moving switches & receptacle outward so wall plate looks good

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    Hi Everyone:

    Because of the random depth my electric boxes were installed behind the drywall I am having a very tough time getting my screwless decora style wall plates looking the same. The problems is that sometimes the switch is proud, sometimes flush, and sometimes behind the wall plate. I’m using the Cooper Aspire Mid-sized Screwless Wall Plate - White Satin in one, two, three, and four gang ( You first screw the mounting plate onto the receptacle or switch and then press the wallplate into place. This sounds simple, but I find that the plates are sitting different at each switch/receptacle. I am using the bright green lego style spacers/shims that adjusts depth of receptacles and switches to allow proper fit of trim plate, but I still am having trouble. Does anyone have some tips or ideas about how best to solve this problem? At this point any help would be useful.

    Thanks for your time.

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    You can try a product from Arlington Part # BE-1. its designed for boxes that are to far back in the wall. They make the distance code compliant for combustable wall finish also.

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    At any hardware store, you can buy plastic shims designed to fit under the "wings" of the device to space it out.
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