3" well that is 60 years old

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    I just bought a house which has a 3" 148ft deep well dug in 1957. It has not been used for about 30 years. I had a well pump installer come look at it he looked in and felt the well was in good enough shape to test the flow. He told me it would cost $500 to $700 to drop a pump and test the flow of the well, then more $$$$ to install a new pump.
    Questions I have
    1. Is that a reasonable amount to be paying to test the well flow?
    2. What options do I have for pumps would a jet pump work or does it have to be submersible?
    3. I read a few places on line that suggest 3" pumps are notorious for going out after a few days to weeks can anyone confirm that?
    4. I am new at this is this something I could tackle myself? (that is installing a well pump)

    The water will be used for irrigation only. Thanks
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    500 to 700 sounds reasonable to me for testing a well. 3” casing that old is probably and old windmill well. If it tests out OK, you can run a 3” pump on poly pipe by yourself if you want. I think your options of 3” pump include the Grundfos SQ and a pump made by Hydroflo. The Grundfos SQ is not bad when used with a regular pressure tank, pressure switch, and maybe a Cycle Stop Valve. The most problems with that pump occur when it is made into a variable speed pump, which is called an SQE, and used with a CU301 variable speed controller.
  3. Waterwelldude

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    We have quite a few old 3" well around. We have put in the Grundfos 3", and are getting good luck out of them.
    Several are over ten years old and still going.
    Just stay away from any of the variable speed set-ups.
  4. jer53621

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    What about a Jet pump? I spoke with another well guy who suggested I test it myself with a jet pump. I looked around online and it seems viable but I am still very much a novice. How would I then measure the "drawdown" of the well when the pump is running and what size pump would i use to test the water flow?
    Thanks for the advice it is a big help.

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