100 year old toilet valve

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by byron, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. byron

    byron New Member

    Goshen, KY
    Trying to identify and repair an old ballcock.

    The flapper handle rod is a brass forging with Kohler name in it.

    The ballcock is not marked (as far as I can tell). It has a plastic float, forged brass linkage, that pivots at front of ballcock forging and at rear. Linkage held in place and pivots on brass thumb screws. Facing the float is a plastic hex headed screw about 5/8 dia. X 1 1/4 long. The hex head has cross slots, the end has a leather gasket held in place by a spiral threaded drive screw. This hex head screw sits horizontal in the brass forged body. The float linkage passes through a verticle slot in another plastic part on top of brass forged valve body. This second plastic part must be where the actual seal fits. I cannot identify the ballcock and do not know how to remove the plastic part with verticle slot.

    Any help appreciated. I have pictures and can email to your address.

    New to forum.

    This toliet is in my mother in laws house. About 100 years old. Tank is cast iron and I do not feel good about removing the valve assembly.

    Can these tanks be relined or repaired in some way? Top is cast iron also.

    Her Grandfather bought the house. She moved in when she was 5 or 6 and is now 87.
  2. alhurley

    alhurley Guest

    I'm no plumber, but I'm purty sure those plastic parts aren't anywheres near being 100. :D
  3. byron

    byron New Member

    Goshen, KY
    100 years old toilet

    Appreciate the response. Yes, plastic is 100 years old. Early versions in early 1900's. Model T had plastic parts!

    Found out what the valve is, Kohler 1925 Generation Model 3100 Series 7.5 gallon flush.

    Trying to find out to disassemble? Any help on how to get the washer out to allow replace? No screws in top, top does not appear to unscrew. Valve plunger seals by being pulled up (not like Mansfield which is pushed down).
  4. PEW

    PEW DIY Senior Member

    Hard to believe;

    Polystyrene 1839
    Bakelite 1907

  5. alhurley

    alhurley Guest

    knew about bakelite, but poly? :eek: maybe what's more surprising is that the leather parts haven't completely rotted, or that the plastic hasn't just gotten brittle and disintegrated. guess the water and cover keeps away the plastic eaters - UV, ozone and heat. :rolleyes:

    have you tried contacting Kohler directly? (had to ask) search the internet? there are places that specialize in old parts - you just have to find them. When I lived in Detroit I was a regular customer at Universal Plumbing. They seemed to be able to either find what I needed or send me to someone who could. Most larger cities have places like this; the problem - again - is finding them! :confused:

    good luck!
  6. byron

    byron New Member

    Goshen, KY
    contact Kohler 100 year old valve

    I have emailed and called Kohler twice. When I called and described item, we were online together and viewed repair parrts/diagrams but none show this valve.

    No response to emails.

    Not a lot of help. But, then again a 1925 model? The plastic parts are probably replacment items. Original were probably brass. Who knows after this many years.

    Will probably remove the valve to determine how to open and take best shot at repair. If unable to repair, replace. If during removal or replacement find tank non usable (does not leak now, but very rusty inside) will replace entire unit.

    Will be checking about a replacement tank only today.
  7. Lighthouse

    Lighthouse New Member

    If you should decide to replace the ballcock, I'll buy the old one from you. :) I can't believe that Kohler has no interest in it - you probably haven't reached the right person yet.
  8. plumber1

    plumber1 Plumber


    Are you talking ballcock or flushvalve?
    Are you talking about a sort of 21/2 to 3" brass can.
    Does this assembly hold the water in the tank untill you flush and is the can held on to the bottom of the tank with three bolts?
  9. Kristi

    Kristi Tradesman Plumber

    Vancouver, BC
    Take a picture and post it for us! I'd love to see it...
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