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The award-winning
PF/2 Energized Flush

This tank is no longer being made.
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is the now generation in pressure-assisted toilet flush technology. Judged "International Product of the Year" by the Society of Plastics Engineers in recognition of its design, use of materials and long-range benefits to society, the PF/2 system establishes a new, increased dimension to low consumption toilet performance.

The 1992 Federal Energy Efficiency A ("EEA") mandates that no toilet using more than 1.6 gallons per flush (1.6 GPF, of 6 liters per flush - 6 LPF) can be sold or installed in the United States. Population growth coupled with increased use per capita has focused attention upon preservation of the world's most precious resource, fresh water. Water conservation has become one of the nation's most urgent needs.

With the full implementation of the EEA becoming effective in January 1997, traditional gravity activated toilets are now required to perform their same function but with 50% less water. Because the power of gravity hasn't changed, performance problems (as would be expected) have developed in the federally-mandated 1.6 GPF gravity activated toilets.

Consumer dissatisfaction with 1.6 GPF gravity activated water closets has been widely reported. The main complaints are clogged bowls, the need for multiple flushes and bowl stains. For example, a 1997 Controller's Office Report suggested as many as 31% of more than one million recently installed low consumption gravity activated toilets in New York City have these problems!

Other studies made during the same time period indicate users find the performance of pressure-assisted toilets to be as good or better than the high volume toilets which were replaced. The greater discharge power of the PF/2 Energized Flush System" enables it to thrust wastes from the bowl down the drainline with just one flush.

All toilets are not equal In response to environmental needs, innovative hydraulic engineering has created a new type of flushing system that works better and uses less water than the older methods. The PF/2 Energized Flush System is the new generation in pressure-assisted technology. The extraction efficiency of W/C Technology Corporation's PF/2 flushing system exceeds all others and reduces offensive, institutional flushing noises at the same time.

The PF/2 Energized Flush Systeln (invented by the same man who developed the original flushometer-tank) offers consumers Conservation without Compromise.

Eljer Aqua-Saver

 Compared to gravity-flow toilets, water closets flushed by the PF/2 Energized Flush System have more of the features you're looking for .

  • 60% greater efficiency. Stronger and more effective extraction and drainline carry.
  • Bowl water surfaces 3 times (or more) larger. Cleaner bowls with no embarrassing smears.
  • Trapways 65% (or more) bigger. Fewer clogs.
  • 25 times greater flush valve sealing power. Prevents hidden leakage of water between flushes.
  • Twice as much discharge thrust. Better extraction and drainline carry.
  • Fixture unit value of 2. Allows use of less expensive, "residentially-sized," smaller diameter piping in commercial and institutional buildings.
  • Quiet flush. No harsh, institutional noise.
  • Fingertip trip lever pressure. Easy to flush.
  • Conservation without Compromise

What You Should Know About How Toilets work

Gravity-flow technology works well when sufficient head pressure is present. When these designs consumed between three to eight gallons per flush (GPF) few cared since the water supply was considered inexhaustible, and it was cheap. Gravity toilets traditionally wasted large amounts of water at both the beginning and ending of their flush cycles.

Today, with Federal requirements limiting toilet flushing consumption to 1.6 GPF, and while still using the same basic technology, designers of gravity activated toilets have been forced to reduce internal trapway openings by as much as 70% and to reduce the water seal surface inside the bowl in order to offset the loss of head pressure and consumption.

Pressure-assisted toilets, however, have not needed to compromise water seal surface and trapway size because of their ability to multiply flush energy by capturing the force within the supply system.

How the PF/2 Energized Flush Works

As discharge demands increase, the advantages of the PF/2 energized system become more and more apparent.

When ready to be flushed, the PF/2's Upper Chamber is completely filled with water. Since water is non-compressible, the speed by which the Upper Chamber can be emptied is controlled by the size of the escape path and the force pushing the water. This regulates how fast the Flush Valve lifts and how quickly the flushometer-tank's Discharge Outlet is opened. Slow opening lets water fill a bowl's internal raceways more gradually than other pressure discharge devices. This prevents the "institutional thud-like sound" often associated with other designs.

When -the PF/2 Energizer flushes, it produces a "flood tide" of water to carry bowl wastes on its crest down the drainline. No water is wasted at the start of finish of the flush.

The PF/2 Energizer uses less than 1.6 gallons (six liters) of water per flush while meeting the highest American, Canadian and Mexican National Standards.

NOTE: 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) is the same as 6 liters per flush (LPF)

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Tripping the flush lever opens the Actuator Valve. This, in turn, opens the Flush Valve's Upper Chamber to the Discharge Tube. Since water under pressure always seeks the path of least resistance, the force from the Main Chamber is able to push the Flush Valve up forcing the water trapped in the Upper Chamber out of the unit through the Discharge Tube. As the Flush Valve lifts, opening the Main Discharge Outlet, the compressed air in the Main Chamber accelerates the water out into the bowl. Extraction occurs.


As water is discharged from the Main Chamber, the Actuator Valve automatically resets, closing the Upper Chamber's exit. Refill water from the supply through the Regulator Valve is diverted simultaneously down the Fill Tube and into the Upper Chamber until the Flush Valve is closed. Water flowing down the Fill Tube first refills the toilet bowl, then fills the Main Chamber to energize it for the next flush.

The PF/2 Energizer system has been discontinued. Sloan Flushmate offers a changeout kit for more fixtures. The kit contains everything needed to change out the system to Flushmate. Below is the list of OEM tank model numbers and Flushmate part numbers for the changeout kit.
Crane Tank # 3612, FM KIT M-101526-F3CK
Eljer Tank # 141-7000, FM KIT M-101526-F3EK
Peerless Tank # 1, FM KIT M-101526-F3PK


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