Eljer Aqua-Saver pressure assist elongated
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Report on toilets




Eljer Aqua-Saver


  • 12" rough-in
  • Vitreous china
  • 2-piece
  • PF/2 Energized Flush
  • trapway 2-1/8"

May require two flushes.  
Toilet paper can shred from the high pressure siphon jet and float back up into the bowl requiring another flush to clear the bowl.  
Flush noise may startle.  


The PF/2 Energizer system has been discontinued. Sloan Flushmate offers a changeout kit for more fixtures. The kit contains everything needed to change out the system to Flushmate. Below is the list of OEM tank model numbers and Flushmate part numbers for the changeout kit.

Crane Tank # 3612, FM KIT M-101526-F3CK
Eljer Tank # 141-7000, FM KIT M-101526-F3EK
Peerless Tank # 1, FM KIT M-101526-F3PK


Report on toilets

Report on toilets