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LOVE Plumbing & Remodel shirts for sale

Help support plumbing on the WEB by wearing your own Love Plumbing & Remodel T-shirt the next time you buy material for your home remodel project.

What better way to let people know, that "you" are an informed, knowledgeable, trustworthy, fun loving and intelligent contractor/homeowner.

The current very cool t-shirt that is becoming the "rage" is black cotton with a very cool Love Plumbing & Remodel logo on the front. Proceeds from the sales of these shirts goes directly into providing a better web site for my readers. Okay, I do spend some of the money. It's my wife and kids! They make me.

For $20.00 (US funds), I will send you a shirt, ready for impressing old girlfriends, college buddies and all of the folks at the hardware store.

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