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2001 Info-Net
2alpha (metered, frame-relay Internet access for small businesses and serious individuals)
AdCom Systems  (Since 1989,we are a full systems integration/ISP firm.)
Alternate Access Inc.
Arlington Express BBS
Blarg! Online Services
Brigadoon.com Inc. (Internet access provider for individuals, schools, community organizations, publishers and other private businesses)
CCO.NET Premium Internet Services (Olympia-based Internet access provider)
Compass Communications™   (Compass Communications™ provides businesses with world-class Internet service and e-commerce solutions.)
Computer Innovations Online
Connect Northwest Internet Services L.L.C.
Cortland Electronics
DataStream Internet On-Ramp Services (authorised Sense Networking distributor serving Kitsap and King Counties)
Digital Edge
digital.forest (Macintosh Internet access and services)
DluxNet (Internet access services for small businesses and individuals)
Drizzle Internet Northwest
Dycom Internet Communications
EmeraldNet   (Internet service provider X2)
Eskimo North (Internet service provider)
Exodus Communications (dedicated Internet access for business, government and educational institutions)
Fidalgo Networking (Mount Vernon Internet access provider)
Great Northern (North Snohomish County Internet provider)
Infinite Dimensions
Interconnected Associates/IXA
Internet Central
Internet Service Co.
Internet Solutions
Infoconex Online Services(A to Z Seattle Internet Access)
Kelly's Graphic Services
Kitsap Information Network
Launch-Pad Communications
Loginet Inc.
Media Warehouse
N2H2 (Internet provider specializing in filters, such as those that filter out material inappropriate for children)
NetAmerica (National Tier 1 Internet Service Provider)
Network Access Systems
Northwest Link
Northwest Nexus
NorWes Communications
Olympia Networking Services (Internet access provider for greater Thurston County)
Olympic Net (Kitsap peninsula Internet provider)
OlympusNet (internet service provider on the Olympic Peninsula)
OneStop Online Services Inc.
Pacific County P.U.D. #2 (electrical utility and Internet service provider)
Pacific Rim Network
Paradox Online (Internet access provider and bulletin board service)
PC Dimensions (Internet access and Web services)
Premier 1 (Snohomish County Internet provider)
Puget Sound TBBS (BBS and Internet access provider)
Redstone Information Systems (Internet access provider for the greater Seattle area)
Rendezvous Online (Internet service provider catering to the gay, bisexual and lesbian community)
Seanet (Seattle Internet provider)
SeaTac.Net  (Seattle, Tacoma Internet service provider)
Seattle Community Network
Serv Net
Skagit Online Services (Skagit Valley Internet provider)
Snoqualmie Valley Computer Services (Snoqualmie Valley Internet access provider)
Sound Network Solutions, (Complete network services; consulting, design, installation, administration and maintenance)
Source Internet Services of Seattle (Internet access provider)
SSN (Internet services provider)
Tarimar Internet (Tacoma Internet access provider)
Telebyte NW
The Frugal Internet
The Guild Inc. (Internet access provider servicing North Snohomish County)
The Virtual Cafe (Snohomish County Internet provider)
TSCNet Online Services (personal and business connectivity services; WWW designing/hosting; dedicated access for business)
Valley Internet & Computing Solutions 360-424-6110
Washington Internet Services (wa.net)
Waypoint Communications (Internet service provider for Jefferson COunty)
Western Library Network (provides computer services to libraries)
Whidbey Internet Express (Whidbey Island Internet provider)
Wolfe Internet
Worldport Online (dial-up Internet access to the Puget Sound area)
Zip Connection

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