Puget Sound Business Listings

Computer Software

Microsoft Corp. (world's largest software publisher)

Access to Business (software development, marketing and graphic design)
Adobe Systems Inc. (desktop publishing software)
Amtec Engineering Inc. (develop computational fluid dynamic software)
Asymetrix Corp.
AtOnce Software (virtual storefront offering a wide variety of software titles for download)
Axcelis Inc. (software development specializing in genetic algorithms)
Azalea Software Inc. (engineers and sells software for the Mac and Windows platforms)
Barcodes West Inc. (barcode integrator)
Birdstep RDM Server

Birdstep RDM Embedded

Birdstep RDM Mobile

BlueWater Systems Inc (Windows NT Device Driver Tools)
CADRE Analytic (provides Windows 3-D finite element structural analysis software)
Camellia Software Corp. (Windows NT software)
Carnation Software Inc. (Macintosh-to-host connectivity products)
CCS Computer Systems Inc. (software systems and education)
Compu-Teach Inc. (educational software)
ConnectSoft (telecommunications software)
CyberInteractive (multimedia software company and electronic publisher)
Data I/O Corp. (end-to-end solutions, from design to manufacturing)
Database Developers Inc. (software development firm specializing in database and mail list applications)
DeltaCad (shareware CAD program)
Discryptic Designs (Mac and Windows software development, graphics, and imaging)
DIVAC Network Systems (point-of-sale systems and databases)
DynoTech Software (games and educational software for Windows, Windows 95, and OS/2 Warp)
Edmark Corp. (developer and publisher of children's educational software)
EDP System Services Inc. (bar-code software)
Enchanted Learning Software (children's educational software)
EventOne SoftWare (publisher of Orion, a Windows shareware program that finds files across all drives)
Evergreen Software Tools Inc. (PC-based Windows CASE tools)
EZ Software (low-cost custom software)
Go Ahead Software Inc. (developer of systems management software)
HBS International Inc (healthcare software)
Ivocad West  (AutoCAD, Softdesk, Microstation, Sales, Training, Support )
I/O Concepts (publisher of connectivity software)
iCat Corp. (developer of tools for publishing interactive catalogs on the Internet or CD-ROM and then processing secure transactions)
Instance Corp. (creates and sells Installigence, a setup toolkit for Windows application developers)
Interlabs  independent software testing company that provides outsourced testing and QA services for internet
and year 2000 software
J. Random Software (programming tools)
Kongo Consulting
(Whether you need a custom CGI script or an Enterprise Database Application, our skilled developers can help you engineer a successful solution.)
KRFTech Ltd (the makers of WinDriver, a device driver
development tool supporting Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, CE and Linux.)
Lariat Software
  Our focus is streaming media delivery and analysis
Lemmy (vi editor for Windows)
Linux Assistant Index Page (resource for Linux users)
METZ Software Inc. (developer of networked Windows office and Internet applications)
Microrim (database software)
Microsoft Corp. (world's largest software publisher)
Nintendo (video game software and hardware)
Nobeltec Corp. (NavTrek Marine Navigation software for Windows 95)
NW Tech Systems (graphics, animation and video desktop editing software and hardware)
ONYX Software (customer information software)
Open Systems Management Inc. (info about COSMOS, a suite of Unix System Management Tools for heterogeneous systems environments)
Pacific Current Information Systems Inc. (bar code software)
Portable Software Corp. (expense report manager software)
Process Builder (software development standards including the English Language Naming Convention)
Quek Computer Inc. (online financial software)
RAM Systems (publisher of Biz Mate, a software package for small businesses)
Raosoft Inc. (publisher of SURVEY and SURVEYWin, programs for gathering and analyzing electronic information)
Ronin Technology Group
, (provides outsource software engineering)
Sammamish Data Systems (develops marketing research and geographic information systems software)
Schoolmaster (student administrative software for elementary, secondary and K-12 schools)
Seattle Lab Inc. (complete line of Windows Internet mail server software)
Sierra On-Line Inc. (publisher of interactive entertainment, educational, and home productivity software)
SnapCart.com (shopping cart software with built-in search engine positioning tools)
SnoValley Software Exchange (OS/2 and Windows software support)
Solid Information Technology (SOLID Server is a unique standards-compliant, robust, and compact
database engine requiring minimal or no administrator attention)
SoundCode Inc. (software development services and software products for signal processing and Internet security)
Sound Consulting (Contract Software Design and Development)
Source Dynamics
SpinLogic (game programming)
Starwave Corp. (interactive technology and services)
Statistical Sciences (division of Mathsoft featuring info on data analysis using the S+ language)
The Lyndon Company
TicketStop Inc. (publisher of ticketing and box office management software for Windows)
Timeline Inc. (financial reporting software and consulting services)
Topline Northwest ("Digital Video & Streaming" technologies.  We sell computer hardware and software.
Torpedo Software (educational software)
Totem Graphics Inc. (color clip art, photos on CD-ROM, and prepress services for designers)
Traveling Software Inc. (publisher of file transfer and remote control utility and offline Web browser)
Tropical Software (maker of PC Security and Ergonomic Timer)
Washington Software & Digital Media Alliance (software publisher trade association, formerly known as the Washington Software Association)
WebPhone (Internet telephone software with integrated voice mail)
Westbrook Consulting (software consulting plus Windows development in C++, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Access)
Wilson WindowWare Inc. (automation software for Microsoft products)
WinEstimator Inc.
WinterCress Development (maintenance management software solutions)
WRQ Co. (PC connectivity products)
Zipperware (Amiga software dealer)

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